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A Prolific Motivational Speaker, CDR. Joseph Dituri , Ph.D. U.S. Navy (ret) (a.k.a. Dr. Deep Sea) delivers powerful and original content which he customizes with specifics from your industry ensuring the influence of your company's Triple Bottom Line… ( People, Planet and Profit) !


With his life experiences extending throughout the world; He is more than just a praise worthy storyteller. His worldwide expertise will be at your disposal … what this means for you is Dr. Deep Sea designing a fresh and motivating presentation your audience will never forget.

From Hometown New York Boy to Military Veteran and noted explorer, Dr. Deep Sea’s background affords him with the ability to motivate your CEO and the janitor in the same audience with a trustworthy and relevant message.  

There is no industry or work experience that is beyond Dr. Deep Sea’s ability to identify with or apply insight to.  

You will find Dr. Deep Sea’s presentations thought provoking, filled with funny anecdotes and emotionally charged stories, geared to motivate and entertain.  Dr. Deep Sea’s energy, passion, endurance and connection with the audience is beyond impressive. His message will be relate-able and his delivery will keep the audience’s attention for the entire presentation.  His unique style will provide a refreshing perspective on:

     - Effective Communication Techniques

     - Executive Leadership 

     - Teamwork

     - Safety 

     - Protection

     - World Events / politics

     - Health and Wellness 

     - Bio-medical Engineering

     - Rebreathers

     - Biodiversity

     - Astronautical Engineering

     - Life Support Systems Design

     - Space Suit Design

     - Decompression 

     - Hyperbarics

     - Recompression

     - Decompression Sickness

     - In Water Recompression

Your attendees will leave his presentations energized and ready for success!


Military Service

CDR Joseph Dituri enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1985. He served continuously on active service upon various ships and shore stations where he was involved in hyperbaric system certification, saturation diving and ship repair. In 1995 he made his way up through the ranks after earning his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina and was commissioned into the Special Operations Officer pipeline.  After numerous tours in the Special Operations community, he transferred to the Engineering Duty Officer Diving Community. 

He then transferred to Naval Post Graduate School where he earned his Master's degree in Astronautical Engineering. His master’s thesis topic was in Orbital Determination with an accent for life support systems. He is an invited speaker on space related topics. 

Following completion of his masters he was assigned as Officer-in-Charge Deep Submergence Unit (DSU) Diving Systems Detachment (DSD). Under his command DSD won the white “DS” award for deep submergence excellence and certified the 2000 fsw Atmospheric Diving System for fleet use. Upon fielding and initial testing, the team introduced the Submarine Rescue Diving & Recompression System into Naval service and took it on two international engagements. During this tour he earned the DAWIA certification of Level III in Program Management. He transferred from DSU after fleeting up to become the Executive Officer and designing the transfer under pressure saturation diving template for Navy Submarine Rescue. 

His final position in the US Navy was at Special Operations Command in Special Operations Research Development and Acquisition Center Program Executive Officer - Maritime Systems where he served as the Chief Engineer, Program Manager for Undersea Systems Technical & Certification Program as well as deputy Program Manager for Combat Craft. During this tour he earned the DAWIA certification of Level III in System's Engineering. 

CDR Dituri was also a member of the prestigious Para-commandos SOCOM parachute demonstration team.  


CDR Dituri’s personal awards include:

  • Joint Meritorious Service Medal
  • Joint Service Commendation Medal
  • Navy Commendation Medal (4 Gold Stars)
  • Army Commendation Medal
  • Joint Service Achievement Medal
  • Navy Achievement Medal (2 Gold Stars)
  • Good Conduct Medal (1 Bronze Star)
  • Navy Expeditionary Medal
  • Humanitarian Service Medal
  • Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal


Civilian Life

In a civilian capacity Joseph is the author of numerous diver-training manuals, a co-author of the book “Tao of Survival Underwater”, a contributing author to Hyperbaric Medical Practice (4th edition) and the Navy Diving Manual, and has been published in several journals including those produced by the American Society of Naval Engineers and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. 

Now that he is retired from almost 28 years of active service to the United States, he is a consultant for the International Board of Undersea Medicine. He is the current President of the Undersea Oxygen Clinic and functions as the Executive Director. He volunteers his time as the CEO of the Association for Marine Exploration . He has also earned Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of South Florida. His research areas of interest include life support equipment, high carbon dioxide environments as well as hyperbaric and hypobaric medicine. 

Joseph is a member of the American Bureau of Shipping Special Committee on Building and Classing Undersea Vehicles and Hyperbaric Systems and the National Offshore Advisor Committee for Commercial Diving Safety. 

Joseph enjoys writing books, skydiving and has had a lifelong goal of being a civilian astronaut.

Dr. Deep Sea's Affiliations (Far Reaching Tentacles)

President, Undersea Oxygen Clinic


Healing with Hyperbaric Oxygen: Our team of internationally recognized experts offer oxygen chamber treatments for conditions including smoke inhalation, gangrene, poorly healing wounds, crush injuries, anemia & many other indications.


24-Hour On-Call Emergency Hyperbaric Services: Our team is available to ALL Florida Divers 24/7/365! While others are closing chambers to divers, we are opening them!  We are a DAN-approved referral center!

Physician Training: Up to 40 AMA Cat 1 CME's and Hyperbaric Medical Training. Internationally acclaimed hyperbaric experts and authors of hyperbaric medicine books and medical journals, offer training to medical professionals.

Community Service and Research: A portion of our facility is dedicated to Diving/Hyperbaric research and we also offer Pro Bono research treatments.

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Director of research, Viking Stone Corporation


He spearheads clinical and scientific research in Astronautics and Aquatic living as well as advanced human performance and performance monitoring. 

Dr. Deep Sea is engage in a wide variety world class cutting edge clinical research including: 

- Ketone salts in comparison to other dietary supplements.  

- High altitude space suit life support systems.  

- Using HRV to detect CO2 in diving life support systems.  

- Optimism fitness strength conditioning methods.

- Biohacking

Dr. Deep Sea has authored numerous peer reviewed research in myriad professional journals advancing the knowledge of the hyperbaric and hypobaric industry. Let us steer your research and get to the bottom line.

Teaching and Leadership


Affiliate Professor, USF :

As an Affiliate Professor Dr. Deep Sea’s mission is to provide viable information to undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, to produce 

knowledgeable professionals in  Engineering and Hyperbaric medicine. 

The University of South Florida is a global research university dedicated to student success and Dr. Deep Sea is proud to on board. 

Training Director and Chairman of Board of Advisers, IANTD:

The International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers is a scuba diving organization concerned with certification and training in recreational diving, technical diving, cave diving, wreck diving, rebreather diving and diver leadership

Director, International Board of Undersea Medicine


I.B.U.M. exists to train recompression chamber operators, Diving Medical Technicians, Advanced Diving Medical Technicians, Intermediate Clinical Hyperbaric Technicians, Advanced Clinical Hyperbaric Technicians and Hyperbaric Physicians as well as educate and increase safety for those who work in the hyperbaric field and certify facilities to the highest international standard.

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CEO, Association for Marine Exploration:


The overriding goal of this organization is to foster increased knowledge about the ocean and its inhabitants, enabling better understanding and more effective preservation of a wide range of marine habitats. The organization serves the scientific and diving community as a vehicle to obtain previously inaccessible data that enables new insights and discoveries about the underwater world. 

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Chairman, Florida Explorers Club


The Explorers Club is an international multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore. Since its inception in 1904, the Club has served as a meeting point and unifying force for explorers and scientists worldwide.  

The Florida Chapter holds lectures and documentary film festivals all over Florida to educate and entice people to explore. 

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