Exploring for life

Exploring for Life

“Exploration is the single most essential human activity.”

Exploring for Life means seeking to discover many interdependent things including:

  • New treatments and cures for human illnesses and injuries
  • Practical ways to better preserve and protect our environment
  • Science that will expand the limits of human endurance, longevity, and capability so we can safely explore our oceans and go beyond the boundaries of our world
  • And most importantly, new ways to inspire and empower all of humanity – especially children and students – to engage in life-long exploration

A Lifetime of Exploration

Inspiring Kids

Dr. Deep Sea dedicates much of his time to inspiring and empowering kids. He says, ”They are the next, next generation. They are the ones that are going to carry the torch. These kids are going to save the planet. And it’s my job to help them start taking care of the planet.”

  • Through Project Neptune 100, Dr. Dituri’s target is to interact with over, 5,000 students – this is just one example of his non-stop activity with kids.
  • And, at the University of Southern Florida, his students are studying to be the next pioneers in medical engineering.
  • Want Dr. Deep Sea to speak with your students or youth group? Click here to get the ball rolling.

Healing Veterans

A Brain Injury Recovery Program

Driven by years of military service, a deep love for those who “have shed blood in the same sand”, Dr. Joseph Dituri has pioneered a non-pharmaceutical brain injury recovery program combining hyperbaric oxygen therapy and carefully chosen adjunctive therapies.  Watch a powerful testimonial here, or visit the Undersea Oxygen Clinic to learn more.

Healthier Oceans

Dr. Deep Sea says, “It’s estimated there are about 20 million species on earth, and we have only found five million of them. And, there have been five great extinctions in the history of the world. We could be on the verge of the sixth. That’s why I have a deep sense of urgency to protect our oceans. They contain 4.5 billion years of genomic wisdom!”

Explorer's club flag

Off Planet

Dr. Deep Sea is exploring for answers to the question, “How well humans survive in an isolated confined environment?”

  • It is estimated the trip to mars will take 7 months (200+ days)
  • And, the overall mission will last between two and three years

The Neptune 100 Project is part of Joe’s ongoing research. And, in mid-September 2023, Dr. Dituri will “enjoy” a flight on a modified airliner to experience zero gravity multiple times. 

It’s all part of his plan to travel into space in 2026.